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Huge Unsprung Weight Difference

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As we do not yet have a wheel and tire vendor, and in view of the huge importance for considering weight different when changing stock wheels for aftermarket, I wanted to post this one example. While the following example resulted in significantly less unsprung weight, there are wheels that look great, but weigh many pounds more than factory StingRay wheels.

"Lowered it as much as we could on the stock bolts. Installed the HRE P101's on factory Michelin Super Sports. Weighed the factory wheels and tires.

Fronts 51.5 lbs each.
Rears 60 lbs each.

Weighed the HRE's after we mounted the Michelins onto them.

Fronts 48.2 lbs each.
Rears 54 lbs each."

HRE's are super expensive, though superb quality. Here's how this one example looks:

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However, you do not have to get super expensive wheels to be light, my TSW`s are 400 a wheel , and
are as light as the z 51 wheel. You just have to do your homework.
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:cool:But HRE's puts it in the super car look. There are some wheels that put the car over tbe top.
I really don't see it that way and I'm a huge "research before you buy guy"...I certainly have the money to do HRE's but just can't see putting 9K into tires and wheels for a 60K car. Primarily because of the offset and specs, you can't get a concave wheel on a Vette, acc to the HRE dealer. You will on the wide body, but for now they all look flat. And therefore I'll pay for TSW Nurburgrings vs the HRE - because from 15 feet away you can't tell, and outside the forums no one can tell (meaning normal people...LOl) and they are 19# front and 22# downsides of this application.

of course the HRE looks a bit better, but not $6k better....IMO

The HRE at $9K for tires and wheels:

my TSW z51 size for 2400 for tires and wheels:
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BTW Glen, the TSW's are about the best bang for the buck I have found. The next closest run around $1000 per wheel which is roughly what the factory wheels cost.
my research as well....if you want a "web wheel" instead of spoke, which is what I wanted. I work with a shop in Ft laud that reps about 50 wheel makers and we kept coming back to the TSW. They are now on huge backorder in the Vette sizes...
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I second that.

It's like a Timex vs Rolex or Omega. They both tell time, but damn does an omega stand out, especially to people who are in the know.
frankly, my world does not revolve around spending an extra 6K so I get nods from those that are "in the know" about I'm good...
My take on the way that glen e comes across is that he is a guy who gets excited about his mods and wants to share all the details with others so they can do similar mods, too. If he only wanted kudos, then why would he give so many details of what he used, and the step by step process? Nah, the evidence shows that he is genuine.
thank you I just said on the other board, I should start another thread on "failed mods", as I've got a bunch of them too!
Yeah, sorta in a "don't do this" thread. That would be something I would surely read!
2 tips...don't try and put stinger or regular stripes on in the wind......$200 worth of stripe was garbage in 15 seconds.....

or paint plastic parts without primer and sanding.....paint bubbles right off in 30 min... LOL
You could even subtitle your thread: "Failed Mods (or good for a laugh) thread".
what is more approp is "the village idiot screws up a good car"...probably the best was installing a new CAI on my '13 Camaro 2SS, and dropping a wrench across two terminals under the hood and wiping out an ECM to the tune of $1000 or so, to get it hauled in and replaced/

Moral: disconnect batt before doing anything...LOL
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