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I got THE call

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So I was returning from a round of golf today when Shane from the National Corvette Museum called to let me know RedHot was built. I mean like wahoo!!! I am scheduled to pick her up on October 29th. Just a bit excited :D
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Well fellow stingray'ers I got my call today. My baby has been delivered to my dealership. Of course I had to be out of state. Picking it up Thurs. Asked them to keep it in back and off showroom floor. Very excited will post pics after I get it.
Well folks, I picked mine up tonight. This was completely worth the wait. After I pulled out of dealership, people everywhere would rush up on freeway just to take pictures, almost every light someone wanted to race me. When you put it into track mode, the car roars to life. Make sure you do inspect the vehicle. Couple of items with mine - there was a tiniest scratch on top of the car behind the glass roof; and the dealer couldn't find the cover that came with the vehicle (Im sure someone snatched it - they said they'll give me next one that comes in). I'll write more later as I drive more but the car is simply amazing.

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