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I got THE call

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So I was returning from a round of golf today when Shane from the National Corvette Museum called to let me know RedHot was built. I mean like wahoo!!! I am scheduled to pick her up on October 29th. Just a bit excited :D
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So after I finished paying for RedHot at the dealer today, getting the plates transferred, etc. I had the opportunity to go out in a friend's C7. All I can say is WOW! These have incredible power- you are in triple digits within no time and with the engine hardly working. Truly amazing. The push back in the seat with each up shift is like none I have ever experienced in a production car. The fit and finish was great- this happened to be a 3L. A big surprise was what happened when you put on the seat ventilation- unlike my XTS where you can hardly tell it is on in Vegas unless it is humid out, these seats almost immediately felt cool. It functioned just like you would expect it to with nice air movement. Very effective. Also noticed that you could drive with the windows down at high speed and have virtually no wind buffeting. Did not take the exposed carbon fiber roof panel off before driving it- we did take it off at the end and it was really quite light. All in all one spectacular car! Ahhhhhhh, just 14 more days until I am driving RedHot :cool:
whats your vin?
thx..right behind you...what do you show as status code now?
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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