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You often hear "the deals are better near the end of the month" which is true, month end goals in the industry are still a way of life. But there is HUGE pressure to finish out the end of the year strong for every dealer of every brand. Many mfrs will put add'l under the table incentives to dealer to sell cars and more ominously, "retail the car" in the computer system to get the "punch" or tally on the books that it was sold in 2013. Year end totals do so many things for dealers in 2014, from incentives to perks they get. The bigger the dealer, the better for him.

A few dealers will retail the car when it's not sold....all it takes it a few clicks to tell Chevy or whoever it's sold in the system Not the title work, just a tally with Chev. However it also triggers the warranty to start. So a car that is punched (retailed) now, and not sold until Feb 1, has had the clock ticking on warranty for a month and you have one less month at the end.

So what to do? It's easy - once you get home - call the Chev cust Hotline and read them your ser # and ask, "who owns this car?" If they say you, and all your info is correct, you're good. But if they say another name, or the dealer name, it ain't yours. So you'll never hear about recalls or surveys.

This is not paranoia, because it's still a manual system to report, one slip of the admin asst at the dealer and reading the wrong address and wrong vin can get you lost in the system. These asst's have it hard, usually on Dec 31, they throw 100 buyers orders at the $8/hr girl and say "put em in" - easy to transpose stuff...So call em....
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