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If you have taken delivey of a Auto trans, please tell us....

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if you can feel the AFM kicking in and out on the highway...AFM = Active Fuel Management feature

Background: Both the manual and the auto have AFM, this kills 4 cylinders of the V8 when the car does not need it, mostly up at cruise on a flat surface at interstate speed when it's "coasting". But the manual only uses this feature in the ECO mode, which most people are not using with this car.

But with the auto trans, no matter what driving mode you choose, it is on, unless you are using paddles which again, most people are not using.

The problem on other Chevy cars (like the 6.2 Camaro I own) is the shift in and out of 4/8 mode in very apparent and there is a tug on the car every 30 secs at highway speed. Once you know what it is, it's like the mattress and the pea, you can't forget it.

So far, reports are that the auto Trans C7 software makes it far harder to tell when it kicks in/out...which is GREAT news....

If you have a auto trans, can you tell us what you think?
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In the December, 2013 issue of Vette magazine, there is a detailed technical article on the StingRay's automatic transmission. As noted above, it talks about many software changes. The article describes the following changes from the previous generation auto trans, including its lighter weight, its being shorter, its different torque converter (resulting in a 31% reduction in both primary and secondary inertia), it's significantly shorter time on full throttle shifts (it is faster 0-to-60 than the manual trans), its ability to get much closer to the redline before requiring a shift, and much more. This trans may bear the same 6L80 name as the C6's auto, but this is a much changed unit.
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Good to hear. Things only get better, knock on wood. Did you mean Dec 2012 issue?
I wondered when I posted originally if I should have added, "it really says December, 2013 on the front cover," but did not, and yes, it really is a December, 2013 issue, just like the latest version of 'Vette magazine also says "December, 2013" on its cover.
Oh cool. I gotta get with the vette mags and such. Maybe it's a quarterly magazine?
Magazine Corvette publishes 8 issues per year.
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