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I'm a Hoonigan.

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Anyone else here a fellow hoonigan? I added the gold hoonigan vinyl to the car. If you're a fan I think you'll find it looks great, being gold it's also relatively subtle doesn't look like a normal bumper sticker. I generally don't like bumper stickers. White Font Material property Label Automotive exterior
Yellow Bumper Automotive exterior Material property Vehicle door
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Automotive design
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Like the decal's placement, like the gold!

Here's the definition, from


noun,see hoon or hooning: a person who participates in any type of reckless driving including but not limited to drifting, drag racing, and burnouts;

did you see that car blow by?, stupid hoonigan

Note: StingRay Forums does not condone street racing, reckless driving or any other activity that could cause injury or worse on public streets.
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