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I'm a Hoonigan.

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Anyone else here a fellow hoonigan? I added the gold hoonigan vinyl to the car. If you're a fan I think you'll find it looks great, being gold it's also relatively subtle doesn't look like a normal bumper sticker. I generally don't like bumper stickers. White Font Material property Label Automotive exterior
Yellow Bumper Automotive exterior Material property Vehicle door
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Automotive design
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My order placed end of Sept, build date Dec 11, same as yours, ship date Dec 12. Still waiting for delivery to dealer.
I like the white and the gold lettering, very subtle.
What part of US are you?
I thought so too I tried a black one (for practice) looked really good but attracted a lot of eye attention.
Orange County. CA
Mine was at the delivery location for the longest time Some kind of limbo. I forgot what he called it some kind of out of state processing. Anyway You should call and ask your dealer and ask if it's sitting on a truck in Kentucky. Or sitting on a truck down the street lol.
Like the decal's placement, like the gold!

Here's the definition, from


noun,see hoon or hooning: a person who participates in any type of reckless driving including but not limited to drifting, drag racing, and burnouts;

did you see that car blow by?, stupid hoonigan

Note: StingRay Forums does not condone street racing, reckless driving or any other activity that could cause injury or worse on public streets.
Pretty accurate definition I just don't agree with it's negative outlook. Also I do not participate in street racing. - ken block is a good example of a star hoonigan that practices safe hooning but yes There are plenty of idiotic hoonigans
-I'm glad you like the placement it was very difficult to decide
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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