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As you know, 2014 Corvettes have these tires sizes:

Front: P245/40R18; Rear: P285/35R19
Front: P245/35R19(Z51); Rear: P285/30R20(Z51)

GM will soon be releasing additional notice that Z-51 tires not only have much less traction at lower temperatures, but in extreme cold weather, should not be driven at all. Do not have details as to what "extreme cold weather" means (32 degrees, 20 degrees, 0 degrees ???) though we will learn that pretty soon.

Just talked with Michelin and thankfully the above tires are available, in the above sizes, in their All Season Pilot Sport A/S 3 configuration, a tire that Michelin states has, "The shortest wet and dry breaking of leading competitors in the ultra high performance A/S category." Nicely, they have a 500 UTOG rating, a 45,000 mile guarantee. (No, don't work for Michelin; don't have any relationship with that company.) The tires are not yet available in "zero pressure" configuration, that that is part of Michelin's plan.

Pirelli and Bridgestone also make an all season Z-51 tire. Many manufacturers make all season non Z51 tires. is a good place to start your search.
Stay tuned.
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