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Infotainment Screen Problem

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Just wondering if someone can look at this picture and compare to theirs. On start up my background with the Corvette "logo" looks really terrible. Heavily pixelated.
It's an early build and vette and has probably not been flashed with a lot of updates (it was delivered in Oct 13 and kept in a private collectors show room) Emblem Vehicle Multimedia Technology Car

My screen in driver instrument cluster looks tons better.

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Not fixed. They have to talk to GM.

Said a re-flash is not in order since it has "latest" software".

He listened very carefully to me describe when and how the problem occurred.

It did have an old code "communication error" in memory

Back again Tuesday
Ron; Did they think that the "communication error" might be the cause, or at least part of the cause? Please keep us posted.
He thinks so. Me, I'm not so sure. Since it has a couple of different symptoms, one of which is go out completely. But the weird common thread, is that it only happens when nav is running.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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