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Thanks to, we have some more information on initial order trends. As pointed out in that article, many of the initial orders are different from long term trends, with such long term trends as: almost 70% of C6's ordered had automatics; and, C6 performance handling options (such as the Z-51, and including both the Z06 and the ZR1) were less than 40%, with magnetic selective ride control being a limited C6 option. In comparison, autoblog states:

"In addition, 75 percent of all orders thus far have specified the Z51 Performance Package, which includes features like dry-sump lubrication, electronic limited-slip differential, auxiliary coolers for the brakes, transmission and differential, along with larger brakes and some additional touches. Of those Z51 buyers, 54 percent have also selected the company's excellent optional magnetic ride suspension system."

Their article concludes: "Last month, Chevy delivered 485 Stingrays to customers." For their full article:

Two out of five Corvette Stingray owners going manual - Autoblog
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