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Initial thoughts after 1st view

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I had the pleasure of seeing my first C7 last night, it is on display at Bob Stall in San Diego for a few days so I am told. It is NRB/Black 3LT Z51. My immediate reaction is that it is still clearly a Vette, I had thought after seeing so many pics that I might mistake it for something a little more exotic, however, that is not a bad thing and it is a very nice looking car. A very cool evolution for the car. It is what I EXPECT from GM. I was not blown away, but very satisfied which I think for my jaded self is a good thing.

I of course was not able to drive it and that will tell the tale, they did however open it for me and let me check out the inside which like the other new GM cars is VASTLY improved. Again, kind of hard to really say anything without driving it and seeing how the whole package works, but just looking at it says an awful lot. Again, not blown away, but certainly met my expectation. I had been by the Porsche store a few days earlier and looked at a new Cayman (my 06 S is still my favorite car) and was laughing to myself at how sparce and cheesy it felt. It was every bit as nice as my Jetta TDI ; )

I am not an early adopter and will likely wait a year or so, and more interested in a Vert, but kudos to GM for getting a car out that looks and may feel like the head of the pack REGARDLESS of price.
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Disappointments will happen....

I worked in the auto industry for 24 years with BMW of North America as a regional field manager. Retired in 2010, and now I consult for them with dealers. During that time I saw many times when the fever on a new car , usually the M series, was so frenetic, that when the cust finally got the car home, he was deflated. Simply because the expectations, fueled by the 10K over MSRP demand, and magazine test fever was so high, he just did not feel the diff . He was expecting an F1 Supercar with rocket sled type acceleration and was disappointed.

There will be some of that here...the car is just a car - a 51K car! - and some will just have built it up too much in their mind....

So there will be some trade ins...just a few, but some....mine's a grocery getter, I know I'll be ecstatic!!!
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