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Installing Z06 Grill In A StingRay

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This may be a stupid question.... Is there a part number for the Z06 grille? Also the front and rear carbon fibre flags (make that two questions).
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I need this grille, I hope you can simply order one from GM sooner than later.
Yea I've been watching that guy. It says seller is suspended from ebay.
That guy who i got my Z06 grille desapear from ebay. I wonder why!
Did you put the grille in yourself? If so, how big of a pain was it to take off the bumper? Did you scratch/break anything in the process? I'm ordering a 2015 and might just have the dealership put it in.
Blu ray, let us know if you order, and what you receive!
Mine arrives next week.:cool::cool::cool:
From where and how much was the bill?
Go to cultrag performance website and enter this part #22790956. Mine was around $280 shipped to Texas. Supposed to get it tomorrow!
Thank you, I just put the order to her.
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1 - 7 of 141 Posts
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