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Installing Z06 Grill In A StingRay

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This may be a stupid question.... Is there a part number for the Z06 grille? Also the front and rear carbon fibre flags (make that two questions).
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That guy who i got my Z06 grille desapear from ebay. I wonder why!
I did it my self but I was very careful! I say it was done in 1 hr. Now i can do it in maybe 15 minutes. There is alot of screws to take out and the top part by the head lights is the tricky part. Im sure you can do it your self. Did not brake or scratch anything. There is a tutorial on youtube from user jeremy welborn on how to remove the front bumper
maybe that helps.

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Good luck man.
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Take a look at it as installed on my 2014 coupe. It's on the first page of this thread.
Thank to you I was able to install my Z06 grille and the top part of the head light it was the trick part to me. But thank you for the video it sure help me alot. My daughter was helping me but when i got stock at the head light she left!! Lol maybe she was thinking i was about to brake something but nooooo. I could not do that to my baby :). Peace brother
1 - 3 of 141 Posts
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