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Instant Friends - how C7 is bringing us together

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I was on a flight this morning (left my C7 sleeping in the garage) and noticed old gentleman sitting next to me reading a car magazine of C7 vs 911. Finally I asked him which car won the contest. He mentioned C7 and how wonderful it is. I then told him that I just purchased one. He didnt believe me, so I pulled out pics on my phone. He instantly became my best friend and we talked 2 hrs non stop as he is also corvette lover and he's probably in his late 60s wanted to know everything and what has changed. He was very intrigued by it all. Was a great conversation.
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Funny thing is I don't like yellow cars but this one just seems right with it. I think it grew on me with in a few seconds of putting my eyes on the car. LOL
Every time I walk out the door and into my garage, I smile BIG :D


Truly a spectacle... soooo much attention! Although it's been a month for me, I can't tell you how many are still fascinated. Last week, I was driving down the freeway a car load of 6 people in a Suburban rushed up next to me. I looked over and all 6 had their cell phones taking pics or video with the windows down. They were also all giving me a "thumbs up"... each one of them. I keep going to Google "Images" for a Yellow Corvette... lol
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