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insurance raise for C7 owners

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So I've had my C7 since April , the insurance for the C7 didn't seem to much more than my SRT8 or my 2013 mustang GT so i didn't think it was to bad. All of a sudden this past month i had my renewal and OMG the premium for the vette jumped almost $300+ I couldn't believe so i called my insurance company who i been with for over 15 years and i have had 0 accidents and 0 tickets with. They tell me that the insurance for the vette was not calculated correctly and this was a country wide hike in price and not just a new york thing.

So anyone recently seen a huge price increase in their premium for their C7 vette ? This is just stupid, this jumped in cost was almost 1/3 of total premium.
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Wow, I should shop my portfolio around. I'm seeing some great rates!!
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