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Interior care

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The owners manual suggests that the leather seats should be cleaned/cared for with soap and water. Surprises me. Any suggestions/endorsements re: leather care/cleaning products would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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2019 1LT. I bought car used w/ 15000 mi. in October 2019. About 6 mo. ago noticed a dark circle on passenger seat about 4" diam. The spot is tacky. Tried to clean with Dawn/water, then Fantastic spray w/ damp towel. Spot still there, still tacky. Went to detail shop that works on high end cars. Tech tried some of their spray product without much luck. Tech suggested Lexol products and if that didn't work I may have to take car to an upholstery shop. I have read some posts here about leather cleaners but none have a stain problem like mine. Any ideas appreciated. Food or drinks not allowed in my car !
Following week took car to dealer for N.C. safety inspection due. I asked for their detail shop to look at circular spot on passenger seat. When I got my car back they told me the detail shop couldn't do anything with the dark spot and recommended another detail shop in Raleigh. I called first and was told spots/stains can't be removed with chemicals like Dawn, Fantastic etc. because they will damage the leather. The spot will require removal/replacement of that leather panel in the seat.
I decided to buy Lexol 2step cleaner/preservative and live with the spot........for now.
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