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Interior care

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The owners manual suggests that the leather seats should be cleaned/cared for with soap and water. Surprises me. Any suggestions/endorsements re: leather care/cleaning products would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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I anticipate there will be many suggestions with lots of options to your query. Here is my 2 cents, I have had very good success with Zaino Z10 Leather in a Bottle. It is very easy to apply (often I just us my hand rather than any applicator) and it gets absorbed into the leather nicely. The result is a non shiny, non sticky supple/soft surface that smells just like a new car's leather. :cool:
Remember, you have coated leather, so the surface is plasticized, not leather, any good all purpose cleaner will work...

Automotive Leather
Wow, very interesting Glen. I guess I am going to have to try that water test. I do use 303® Aerospace Protectant on the dash of some of my cars including my Porsche, but have not used it on the C7 and never used it on the seats of any of my cars. I am just a bit confused since as I mentioned in my post I have been using Zaino Z10 Leather in a Bottle. According to article in your link, it made sense to use it on my Porsche and Volvo, but not my XTS or RedHot, yet it certainly went on fine, appeared to be properly absorbed and left the surface feeling as I would expect- supple. :cool:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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