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Hello, everyone. Just wanted to introduce our latest addition to our lineup for the LTX, a much-needed "4th hitter". The result of almost two years of work, built from the ground up to compete and win. Brings a much-needed alternative to a limited, almost monopoly-like, market. Now you can have the best yet you do not have to pay the most.

Introducing Soler Performance 103MM throttle body for all the LTX's engines and more.
  • At 1700+/-50 SCFM @ 20.4" Water, it flows like a 107mm TB but fits like a 103MM.
  • Has all the goodies/features we have seen in our LT1/LT4/LT5, plus some new features, all unique to our throttle bodies.
  • Designed with driveability in mind, it behaves like a stock TB when idling, composed when cruising, responsive when demanded, and a black hole available beyond that.
  • Firm and balanced at WOT under boost and not a nightmare to tune at partial throttle. In fact, runs smoothly even on stock LT1's with the stock tune.
  • Flexible bolt pattern to directly fit all LTX manifolds/superchargers (stock or custom), including the LT5 supercharger.
  • We have also added a set of accessories (customizable if required) to ensure a perfect fit, sealing, and transitions.
  • Made from materials equal or better than those used by the OEM. Fully machined for a better finish and repeatability.
  • It is durable, strong, and stiff for its duty, yet light and stylish for your interior looks.
  • Fully tested and approved by forum members.
  • All this with a warranty, customer service, and technical support to be matched.


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I don't know that everyone knows what a LTX engine is as I didn't so I had to google and LTX seems to be Crate Engines? Nevertheless, I love your products and have the Soler SE8223-080CE TB and TC on my Supercharged LT1. I am unclear as to what application is the new LTX designed for IE: LT1, LT2, LT4, LT5 etc...?
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