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Sorry for the short notice. Some members of my local club are driving to VIR to do some fast laps on the track there the weekend of July 27 through 29. We've had some late cancellations which have opened up some rooms there, and I'd like to invite any SRF members (up to 5 rooms) who would like to join us to come along. We'll be heading down on Friday, doing laps at around noon on Saturday. People could head back Saturday afternoon if they wish, or stay through Sunday morning. I think most of our members will come back on Sunday. Details on the experience are below. If anyone is interested, PM me with any questions and your email address, and I can give you the booking number for our block of rooms. We'll be leaving from Fairfax Country, VA but you can, of course, meet us at VIR.


Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Friday, July 27, 2018 at 7:00 AM (EDT)

Virginia International Raceway
1245 Pine Tree Road
Alton, VA 24520

ODCC members and guests will cruise to VIR Interntional Raceway on Friday, July 27th, and stay in the VIR lodge on Friday and Saturday nights, and return on Sunday the 29th.

VIR International Raceway: Virginia International Raceway

We’ll do our laps on Saturday at lunch time. We may be able to do a second set of laps on Sunday if we wait until after lunch to leave, but that begs the question of what we do with our gear, since checkout time is before lunch.

Note that while they call these "parade laps," and there is a pace car, we'll go plenty fast. I was a guest of another club last year and hit speeds of 133 mph on the long straight. Some Z06 drivers hit 145. If you're worried about safety, the other Corvette club has done this 4 times, and no one has gone off track yet. No helmet is necessary, and convertibles do not need a roll bar.

Here is a video of a portion of my laps last year:

There are three versions of the track. We’ll do the “Full Course” which is 3.27 miles, and should get about 25 - 30 minutes per session. That might not sound like much, but trust me, you’ll be tired at the end.

Rooms in the Lodge will be $115 per night. We have reserved a block of rooms for the club, so I need to know who really plans to attend.

We will get a Continental Breakfast for $8 per person. Lunch after our laps on Saturday is a buffet for $16 per person. We will have to do this as a club, not as individuals, so factor these costs into your budget.

Dinners, and other meals on Friday and Sunday we're on our own. There's a restaurant at the track that is decent, and only a little overpriced. There’s also a small pizza joint in a nearby town with surprisingly good pizza. Danville is about half an hour away, and has all the typical chain restaurants. We don't all HAVE to do these other

There aren’t a lot of activities for non-drivers, so this may not be the best event for spouses. The little nearby town has the pizza place, a post office, and an “antique” store (which means a bunch of old stuff, I think, not real antiques). And it was closed at 6:00pm on the day we went into town last year. VIR has been adding some other activities, however. Each of these is extra cost, and you should plan on booking on your own.

A Go Kart track. I haven’t done it, but someone who did said it was a blast.

Skeet shooting and a shooting range with semi-automatic and full automatic weapons available.

The “Formula Experience” – ride alongs in a prototype sports car. Day and night rides. I’m told the night rides, in particular, are a blast.

A spa package? Not sure what that entails.

All of these are extra cost, and you should book on your own if interested. I have cost info, and will supply it to anyone who is interested.
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