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Sometimes the DIC shows all the songs in my place list and works fine, other times I get a "No Sources Available" or a "No content Available" message. Turn the car off, back on again, or reboot the iPhone 5S and sometimes it fixes it, sometimes not. Same problem when using a USB cable instead of bluetooth. Also, many times, I'll select one song to play, and a completely different one starts playing, also with the wrong album graphics on both screens.

I called the 800 Chevy Link people and they said the following-

1. It's recommended to use a USB connection instead of bluetooth for an iPhone. This is also in the quick info manual. (Not like iPhones or so rare??!!)

2. The infotainment system works best when using MP3 files. All my music has the M4A filename extension.

Does this sound correct? Do I really have to switch all my (over 3500 songs) to the MP3 format? Even assuming I can do the all at once, this will leave duplicate files. Then I'll probably have to click on every M4A file one at a time to do a mass delete.

Thanks anyone!!!!!!
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