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Is Custom VIN still an option?

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I could have sworn I saw on the build and price app an option for Custom VIN selection. It was approx $5000. I don't see it now, was this discontinued?
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I was serious about ordering a custom vin, to match the vin on my 65 coupe. When my dealer looked it up, $5,000 plus required museum delivery, $990 was out of the question.
It would have been nice to have matching cars 50 years apart.
Wanting to have your current VIN match the VIN of an older (classic) corvette appears to be the reason that one would want to do it. This is an explanation I found on another forum.

"For those people who either currently have or perhaps once had a Corvette classic and would like their newest family member to have a VIN similar, this allows one to so pick. But there are caveats as you might imagine the biggest being the order will not be unnecessarily picked early or held up to get the selected VIN and the customer is still charged whether getting the selected VIN or not. For example, if you own a Daytona Yellow 1967 Corvette whose VIN ends with 03721 you may want your Competition Yellow 2014 Stingray's VIN to endwith 03721 and this allows you to maybe have that happen.

This has been a feature in the Corvette retail ordering menu for two or three years now. I do not know how well it works."
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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