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Is there a dexos approved 15w-50 oil?

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Maybe I missed this somewhere but I will ask anyway. GM recommends a 15w-50 oil for "racing" and "performance" driving. I can't find a 15w-50 dexos approved oil. Anyone? Mobile 1 15w-50 is not Dexos approved.
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I know that there is no such thing as break in oil these days...
Honda still uses a specifically formulated break-in oil, and in my experience it's very effective (I'm the original owner or a 2005 Civic that just passed-through 475,000 miles).

"Your Honda engine was delivered with an oil that is specially formulated for new engines that have not yet developed their "natural" wear patterns and may contain minute particles from the manufacturing process.

American Honda strongly recommends this special oil be left in the engine long enough for these wear patterns to develop, usually until the first maintenance interval specified in your Owner's Manual, based on your specific driving conditions.
" Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ | Honda Owners Site
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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