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Is there any Napa leather left with microfiber suede option in the 3LT?

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Just joined the forum and this is my first post. Been lurking for a while doing my research.
So, here is my question. If I pay the $395 to upgrade the 3LT to microfiber suede inserts (same price as for upgrading the 2LT) is there any Napa leather left on the seats? If so, where? They say the Napa leather is on the seating surfaces but that could mean anything from just where your butt and back touch to the whole seat.
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There is Napa leather on the seats, even if you get the suede inserts. The suede goes in a strip in the middle of the seat which touches where you sit and recline. The Napa leather goes everywhere else on the seat, including the outside edges. Look at pictures of seats in the Official Brownstone Interior thread for more information.
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