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It was bound to happen... First Wrecked C7

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Is this the first real world wrecked C7?

As seen here. Posted yesterday.

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Details are nonexistent right now. Anyone know anything about this yellow Z51 Stingray?
Another one bites the dust... Be careful out there folks! View attachment 938
Someone is using that photo on craigslist... Wonder if this is the actual guy or a scammer.

Craigslist said:
I'm parting out my Corvette since it was wrecked. Gave it to some guy named Mikey G to detail it and the next thing I know it turns up wrecked. So I'm parting it out now.

Still has good engine and was only wrecked in the rear and top. Has the 7 speed manual transmission.

Only has 1257 miles on it. Will not sell whole so don't ask.

If interested contact Trent at (402) 382-5968
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1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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