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Jeff Gordon and Jim Perkins... Required viewing for all forum members!

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It does not get any better than this! Thank you Jim Perkins for everything you have done for the Corvette and those that love it!
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Nice video, and Jeff shows some real class as he compliments the Corvette's heritage. He also takes his time to say how much he appreciates the styling and beauty of that sexy Laguna convertible. Here's a companion video:

Other professional drivers also appreciate the beauty and performance of the car, but they'd rather "get down" with these sexy cars as quickly as possible...

Disclaimer - these are professional drivers - don't try this at home. :cool:

Tony Stewart, in particular, doesn't understand the concept of "foreplay"...

"We drift to the right, heading straight for the knee-high grass that lines the asphalt. He hasn't lifted. Just when my back starts to tense up, he jumps off the throttle for a millisecond before getting back on it. Damn this guy. The car just brushes the tall grass. Maybe a second or two later, we dive into a steeply banked left-hand bowl, a Talladega-esque oval, but one small enough to be stuffed into your living room. Thanks to the traction-enhancing effects of the banking, the car generates over 2 g's in this turn, which means my head effectively doubles in weight. I can't keep my helmet from banging the window, but I can't stop giggling, either." Road and Track Car Reviews - Tony Stewart on the C7
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And then there's Tony Kannan, former Indy 500 champion...
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