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Just hit 3000!

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What a way to start a weekend! Just hit 3000 with my 2015 Z06 order. Thanks to the awesome crew at MacMulkin Chevrolet!!

Shark Gray
3LZ Adrenaline Red/Jet Black with carbon fiber dash
Shark Gray vents
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MacMulkin folks are great! They got our order past three partial constraints, so our Z06 is exactly how we wished it to be. What I especially like about Tommy, Ron, Karl, Mark and Jessy, is that everyone one of them is pleasant, helpful, motivated and excited about Corvettes.
Let's first assume that GM stated November 3rd TPW is accurate -- though as [email protected] noted yesterday, TPW's as often not consistent for the first cars of a brand new model, sometimes being extended, sometimes being moved closer, and even sometimes moving backwards and forwards for the same vehicle.

Next question: Is there a two week or a four week quality hold at the beginning for the Z06's, as there are approximately 500 "Z06 specific/unique" parts??? Then we have shipping times, and a reminder that once specific vehicles are approved by BGAP for shipping, that Jack Coper Transport has up to 10 days before the approved/released vehicles must start their journey -- though it literally could the very day they are so notified.

Shipping times are also variable. Couple be as little as one day if your dealership is close to the Plant and transit is purely by truck-transporter. Could be, if last winter's weather and rail debacle is repeated, as long as six weeks.

For all the above reasons, highly doubt any customers will be seeing cars in less than two more months, e.g. late November.
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Best estimate from a Corvette team member, and they had not actually tallied the number when I asked that question a couple of months ago, is that of the 5,000 parts in all C7's, about 4,500 carry over unchanged from the StingRay, approximately 500 are new/unique to the Z06.

I am with you "Fasttoys1," that if they take a few extra weeks and get more things perfect, glad that they would be doing that. If they decide they are more comfortable with a four week Quality Control (QC) hold rather than a two week hold, fine with me too.
Magazine reviews not coming for about another month or so. We all know what they will say, i.e., the car is phenomenal, and of course very reviewer will find something to pick at. And when they come out, we each will pour over every word, reading each article at least twice.
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RacerX, good of you not to compromise on something you want, e.g., your A8. Something like that choice is important, and you will be loving with this beauty for a lone time.

It will help once the A8/convertible gate ordering opens, estimated now between October 16th (heck that's just two weeks and a day away) and November 13th. Sorry, we do know know when your dealer gets an allocation for your Z06. Knowing your dealer's Z06 total allocation compared to other dealers is usually, but not always, a strong indication as to when GM might accept a Z06 order from your dealer. The fact that GM could have had a manual coupe Z06 allocation for your dealer is, however, a good sign! Best of luck!
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