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GM just put a price increase on the new 2015. And if you had you order submitted correctly by your dealer to GM via their dealer computer system, you will not get the increase. However there have many posts on the internet where the dealer screwed up, and did not input the order at all , or put in as if he was buying the car for his stock. And the customer with a bonified buyer's order and a deposit, got screwed. So it is important for you to DEMAND a report from the dealer the day you put your deposit down called a GM workbench. It should be in your name, and have a code of 1100 and it should say SRE-RETAIL SOLD as below in black. Anything else and you are paying the increase. Don't take no for an answer, the dealer can print it anytime, 100 times a day if he wants, if you get nowhere, ask for the General manager.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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