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Kentucky-born guy who is new to this forum

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I was born and spent the first 18 years of my life in the extreme eastern part of Kentucky (Floyd County). It is in the eastern coalfields about four hours east of Bowling Green. Dad was a hard-working coal miner, and I grew up in a family with very little money. He made sure we always had food, clothes, and a warm house to live in, but we surely knew to not waste anything, especially food. I still eat everything on my plate, even now.

My family made me work hard in school, and it turns out I was a good student all around, but especially gifted in math and science. I was the first college graduate in my family (it's a shame Dad didn't live to see that - he died of black lung while I was in school). After finishing my Bachelor's degree at the University of Kentucky, I stayed in school for my Master's degree at UK, then went to Ohio State for my Ph.D. All were in engineering and/or mathematics. I am sure it would have made Dad happy. He was an extremely smart man, but he never had the opportunities I had - opportunities which he worked so hard to make sure I had while growing up.

When finishing up my Ph.D. at OSU, I was recruited by a Silicon Valley engineering company. A few weeks after graduation, I arrived in the Silicon Valley. I have lived a few different places here in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since. It had been about a decade.

I have wanted a Corvette since I was a kid, and I now find myself in a place where I am debt-free (the house was paid off earlier this year - the wife is very happy about that). I am so very blessed that at this point in my life I can easily pay for a Corvette without having to finance it (cash and vested stock options). However, as you recall, I am, at the very core, a poor guy who doesn't waste anything, and who still eats all the food on his plate. I am having a hard time pulling the trigger on putting in an order for the car I have dreamed of since I was a kid; my old beater of a car which I have had since I was in school still runs. How am I supposed to buy another car when it is still running? Haha! You pretty much just can't kill an old Oldsmobile unless you wreck it. :)

On the other hand, my wife and I don't have any kids (at least not yet), she is working, I am working, we are debt-free, she bought a new car recently after paying off the house... Man oh man, I want a Stingray Coupe Z-51 manual transmission 3LT crystal red, gray interior, MRC, NPP, polished chrome aluminum wheels, dual body-colored and transparent roofs, red calipers, and carbon flash painted spoiler.

In closing, let me express how glad I am to have found this site a few days ago. I have already interacted with some very kind and helpful people who shared their experiences of the ordering process. Also thanks to all of you who have posted pictures of your beautiful cars. That, along with many written posts, have helped me determine what options I would love to have. Now I just need to bring myself to pulling the trigger.

Does anyone want to put sugar in the gas tank of my old indestructible Oldsmobile? :D. Haha...

Best wishes to all, -Rodney
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No regrets my friend...
That's my motto!
Have as much fun as u can...
Make your dreams come true.
My wife and I make each other's dreams come true. Adopted a little girl from china recently.

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