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First off, I apologize for the long winded post. But I'm an A) very detail oriented person and B) my purchase process was not anywhere close to walking into a dealer and out with a car the same day! So here goes.

I'm an exec for one of the biggest advertising agencies on earth. I travel a lot, have minimal free time, and given my industry...think a lot about customer service when buying things. Somewhere in the neighborhood of June this year, I decided I wanted/needed/lusted after a C7. Being the picky SOB I am, I wanted a Z51 vert, in white, with black wheels, NPP Exhaust, Mag ride, Nav, black interior, red calipers, and 2LT. In addition to this, I wanted it at the supplier discount price since my company does advertising for one of the not_to_be named divisions of GM!

I tried calling what I believe to be damn near every Chevrolet dealer in California. First off, not a single one of them could provide me with the supplier pricing. I heard everything from MSRP to $10,000 OVER MSRP!!...and these were for cars already in inventory and obviously spec'd differently than the one I wanted. So while on a business trip to NY, a colleague told me to check out Kerbeck. I had seen them on the web, but hadn't yet considered ordering a car and having it delivered from out of state because of all the BS that you hear California makes you go through with Cali emissions, etc... FWIW i also contacted MacMulkin, who seemed to be able to honor my discount as well. But when asked to call me back, never returned the call. So sorry MacMulkin, you lost my business. They even claimed to be cheaper than Kerbeck because of some documentation fee...This seems silly because given the price of a new vette, that doc fee is a rounding error and if it really makes a difference...I'd suggest looking for something more affordable. But I digress..

Upon looking at the site, I found they had the EXACT car I wanted. Ok, in truth...I kind of wanted a carbon dash. But it was certainly close enough! At the time, I sent Dave an email ([email protected]) who handed my business off to the salesperson named Amoni. Amoni got back to me within 24 hours and we began the process of procuring my new ride.

It was an un-trivial adventure because I was headed to London the next day for ten days on business and had to deal with wiring cash from Europe to ensure I got my down payment on the car I wanted and that it didn't get sold to someone else. Which while is not impossible, I'd avoid if doing again. Not surprising, American banks don't appreciate $30k wire transfers from computers in Europe!! Every step of the way Amoni remained positive and kept me informed as to what was needed next.

The next step is where it got a bit hairy. On two separate occasions Kerbeck made a typo with my information. This is the type of stuff that if I were sitting there at the dealer would be corrected in 5 minutes and moved on. But since we were doing this via fedex it did result more paperwork than needed. That said, Kerbeck owned up to it as their error, apologized profusely, and sent me a free set of stingray upgrade floor mats just for the hassell.

Ok, at this point I've inked the deal, fedexed the requisite docs, and gotten insurance. I have a shiny new C7. Only problem, it's in New Jersey...I'm in the Bay Area in Cali. Oh and one more note, it was the week prior to Pebble Beach's Concourse auto show...aka the superbowl of car shows. So every reputable car shipper (Passport, Horseless Carriage, etc...) had their trucks in California already and I was looking at 30 days minimum before delivery! ARRRRGH!

Fortunately, I found the website. Specifically I found John Rapp ( SAL'S LLC - New Windsor, Maryland | Get Quotes for Transport ), who is a retired trucker who still hauls coast to coast with his F-350 ON the website. For the same price as Passport, John delivered my car ahead of schedule (by 3 days) in perfect condition. My car was his only load, it was strapped down at each wheel, and clearly the man has done this for a long time. Like Amoni, John kept me informed every step of the way. I couldn't possibly say more good things about the level of service I received.

Upon inspection, I found a small defect in the paint on the front of my C7. Honestly, I felt pretty discouraged at the moment. But the good news is that I called Kerbeck and they completely reimbursed me to have it repaired. This was a VERY stand up move on Kerbecks part in my opinion, because they could have easily just blamed the shipper. But that conversation never came up. Only, we'll take care of you sir. Don't worry. A few days later I had the check in hand and will plan on getting it fixed once I get a chance to slow down with work travel!

Today I got the paperwork for registration in Cali. I guess I'll have to defer to a future post as to how it goes. But the document says all I need to do is get it smogged (half hour at most process) and do a VIN verification at a DMV with a verification lane. So no need to even get out of the car, let alone deal with the grumpy DMV folks. I send those two docs to the company Kerbeck partners with...and they send me my plates. At least, thats as easy as they explain it to be!

At the end of the day, I can understand why Kerbeck is #1. I'll admit to being nervous about the process at numerous different points. But they always answered my calls and always did what they could to help answer questions. They went above and beyond with the floor mats and even more so IMHO by paying for the small blemish I found.

So if you're in the market for a C7 and your local dealer is giving you the runaround. Call Kerbeck or email [email protected] or [email protected]. They are class acts and even though it cost me $2500 extra in shipping to get it here. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I'm already considering a Z06. I wouldn't hesitate to call Kerbeck first.

I sincerly hope this helps anyone with anxiety about buying out of state. Especially from my new friends at Kerbeck. Thanks Amoni. Thanks Dave!

If you have specific questions about the process, send me a PM and I'm happy to discuss.

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sammysam5000, welcome aboard and congrats on your new C7 masterpiece. I'm glad to read that your transaction went well and Kerbeck took care of any problem that you had found on your Vette. It reads like your busy 24/7, now you need to find time in your schedule to break in your C7. Sit back and relax and have a blast doing it.


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I've bought two from them-can't beat them in my opinion!

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Thanks for the write up sammy!

We're looking forward to seeing you at one of the Northern California get-togethers! Next one we're striving for is Vettes & Jets in Alameda on 9/28.


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Thank you for taking the time to write up your experience with Kerbeck and welcome to our forum sammysam5000

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Amoni @ Kerbeck is an awesome salesman. I just ordered my Z06 from him & I can totally relate to your experience. Super nice. Very cooperative. Very easy to deal with! I'll deal with Kerbeck for as long as I'm in the market for a corvette.

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Aloha my Name is Mark and I live in Hawaii and I also had a great experience with Kerbeck's also with Dave Salvatore as well as Sam Kelly. I saw their show on TV Corvette Nation. Here is what happened:

On my 56th Birthday I had heard about all the hype about the new C7 coming out and I wanted one bad. So I decided to go to the local dealer Cutter Chevrolet and trade in my 2001 for a 2011 lease so that at the end of the term I could purchase my 2014 Z51.

I have sold used cars, and new cars, fleet cars by the thousands so I know all the dealer bull Shit. The 4 square, asking the manager, come back later. So I just basically went in with my printed up credit score of 812 and my company bank statement and said "If you can get me in the car that’s in your showroom in less than an hour I will lease it right now today". No negotiating, no talk to your manager just get it done or I'm leaving and I want the lease monthly payment to be around $1000.

Well at that point an army of people went to work to get it done. I was there just over one hour when they said it's going to take a little longer. I said I am going to lunch and if it is not done when I get back I'm going to another dealer. Anyway, they got it done, and I drove off the lot with a Black LS3 with 430HP at a purchase price of $68,000.

At this point I thought that they would call me at the end of the lease to let me order my new 2014. Not a chance, when you lease a vehicle the bank buys it and pretty much you get lost. So when I went back in January to order my new car all I got was sorry our allocation is only 5 and the fleet manager ordered them and they are all sold out. That is when things got interesting.

I let them know my lease for the 2011 is going to be up April 17th, 2014

On 01/19/14 I contacted Cutter to order a new 2014 Corvette. Was informed that they had an allocation of 5 and they were all pre-sold. After that I tried the only 2 other dealers in town Servco and JN Automotive. They both had an allocation of 5 and were sold out. They said maybe they could get me one that was pre-ordered but I might have to throw my card in a hat because there were 6 other people that wanted the last car coming in.

Then one fleet manager after having me in his office for over 2 hours said I might be able to get one ordered but the Z51 is not available. Then after sitting there he said he had to go talk to his manager. I already had written out the deposit check for $5000. When he came back in and said sorry, because this is in such demand, you will have to pay $10,000 over MSRP. I flipped out and left.

That's when I started to figure out where I could get one. I sent out hundreds of e-mails and searched everywhere until I remembered Corvette Nation. After seeing the show Corvette nation and realizing they had an allocation of 1,027 Corvettes, I Contacted Kerbeck's. They told me about Courtesy delivery. Those customers simply go into their local dealer to negotiate the terms of having the car drop shipped (usually a fee of around $800 which is a lot less than what it would cost you to ship the car there).

By the way every Corvette that is purchased at any dealer pays the Delivery Charge of $995 whether it is 5 miles away or 5,000 miles away. Kerbeck’s said we'd be happy to do it, We just don't want the local dealers to hate us and stop talking drop ships from us. So I contacted Cutter and told them, I have contacted Kerbeck's Chevrolet in Atlantic City N.J. and they say I can order a car through them and have it drop shipped to Hawaii.

Dave said, We will collect your Hawaii sales tax 4% and DMV fees and register the car for you. All he would do is receive the car from the factory and prep it for you to drive away. Some dealers will have a salesman go over the car with you as well. He will get paid by GM for the prep of the car. You are basically just paying him for allowing the car to get dropped there.

Dave here is the information from Cutter that you need to do the drop ship. Aloha, Mark
Response from Cutter 2/21/14
Dealer code:
Fleet Manager: Jerome
Drop Ship Fee is $800.00

From Dave: Mark, Good evening and thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Attached you will find your buyers order, additional terms and conditions form (back of buyers order) along with our privacy notice and wire transfer instruction sheet. Please review all documents, sign all (X)'s and email back to me. Yes our deposit on a HI drop ship is $ 10,000.00 since that is a long way from NJ.

Here are the signed documents. I have decided to get pre-qualified through another lender just to make sure my ducks are in a row. I should have an answer on that on Monday. After that I will wire the $10,000. Aloha, Mark

Date sent In Order: 02/21/14
Sent $10,000 deposit 02/28/14
Preliminary Order Detail 03/05/14
Order Code: RQSPBN GKZ, 193, Q7E, TTV, Z51, MYC, DTH, J6F, XFJ
03/12/14 - 2500 Order Preferenced or Imaged
03/15/14 - 3000 Order Accepted by Production Control
03/22/14 - 3300 - Order Scheduled for Production
03/31/14 - 3400 - Order Broadcast (Internal Plant Order Produced)
04/09/14 - 3800 - Vehicle Produced
04/11/14 - 4000 - Vehicle Available to Ship
04/12/14 - 4B00 - Bayed
Ally Bank - Acct #: 2011 Lease
04/14/14 - Sam contacted me to start financing.
Got the New Vin #: 1G1YK2D75E5121559

Need to add this vin to my Allstate Ins. Tyler Kimura 808-485-0011
04/15/14 - Recived approval of loan with $5000 down monthly payment $976. They will refund the other $5000. that I sent as down payment.
04/16/14 - 4150 - Vehicle Invoiced
04/16/14 - 4200 - Vehicle Shipped
04/30/14 - Paperwork signed and recieved by Kerbecks. To be sent out by Fedex
5/28/14 - 5000 - Vehicle at Dealer
5/30/14 - 6000 - Vehicle delivered to customer

People I want to thank for making this possible: Sam Kelly, [email protected], Dave Salvatore, [email protected]. Also, Everyone that I talked to and said too bad you will never get a 2014 Corvette Z51 in Hawaii. Ha, I did it thanks to Kerbeck's. Aloha, Mark

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didn't read the posts, but don't they only sell the C7 at msrp? If so how are they selling so many when others are selling below, and some take credit union discount??? Not knocking them, they are very reputable, but money is money...

Also, do they charge fees? Some dealerships have crazy fees.

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I would like to add an addendum, while Kerbeck's originally said they would not offer discounts from MSRP for the Z51 they actually did, and I did not realize it until I went back over my contract. They did not even make a point of telling me that they were giving me a discount. In retrospect I think that is class and integrity. Forever more I will buy from them. My wife wants an escalade and that Is going to cost more than my Vette. I'm just glad she didn't want a Land Rover those things start at over $82k. And they think your rich if you drive a corvette. Give me a break. Aloha, Mark

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I too have placed my order with Amoni @ Kerbeck. A great guy, with terrific customer service. Follows up with phone calls and remains available for all my concerns. I would highly recommend Amoni and Kerbeck Chevrolet. And as with Sammysam, I was traveling and did not have immediate access to my funds to do a wire transfer. Amoni was very patient and helpfull and we ended up making the "top 40" on Kerbeck's Z06 allocation list. Wow! Thanks to Amoni.:cool:
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