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We just finished up this build and wanted to see what it would do in th 1/4 mile.

Car is a 2015 C7 with the 8 speed auto. It is a NON Z51, and does NOT have dual mode which certainly hurts performance.

Car have our ECS package on it which includes:

ECS 1500 Blower Kit
ARH Longtube Headers with catted x pipe
Lashway Breather Box
Alky Control Methanol
Custom Lashway Dyno Tune

The A8 is almost impossible to tune for better performance, so we left it completely factory as far as settings go. With well over 630 rwhp, the tranny did not want to shift smoothly through 2-3 gear. 1st to second was amazing, and 3-4-5 was great...just 2-3 gave us issues.

Our best pass was manually shifting the car with the paddles. Our 3rd pass was the best at 10.5 @137. With more practice, we're confident it'll hit a low 10, and with some tweaking to the exhaust and tune, 9's.


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