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We’re happy to announce the release of our breather tanks for high powered C7 Corvettes needing more adequate crankcase ventilation than the stock PCV can provide.
As the power output on modified LT1 engines increases, the need for proper crankcase ventilation becomes more and more important. Pressure that cannot easily escape though the valvecovers and valley cover will eventually end up passing the rings (blow by) or passing through front and rear seals causing pesky leaks. We’ve already experienced newer Corvettes having oil leaks from front and rear seals as a result of inadequate crankcase ventilation.
Our breather tanks provide ample volume for pressure to collect, all while removing oil and other harmful deposits from your intake manifold and intake valves.
Here are some features of our breather tanks:
-Slim fit design for an exact frame fit
-Quick connect fittings – no welding, drilling or cutting required of valve covers!
-High performance hose included
-Dual breather design
-4 inlet fittings for maximum ventilation
-Internal baffle and stainless steel packing for better air/oil filtration
-Variety of custom colors available
-Hand tig-welded
-Made in the USA by Lashway Motorsports, Inc.

Z51 and non Z51 compatible!

Recommended for all forced induction, nitrous, and naturally aspirated engine combinations over 500 RWHP.

PRICE: $649.99 plus shipping and handling.

IMG_1984.jpg IMG_1986.jpg IMG_1994.jpg IMG_2002.jpg IMG_1998.jpg IMG_2000.jpg
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