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Living With Competition Seats

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According to my dealer, my delivery was one of the first out of BG with Competition Seats, so I hope I can answer questions for those that are considering this option.
First, my decision to add these to my car was based on the likelihood I will drive this car on the track at COTA, as I live about 90 miles West of Austin, and regularly attend races. I also decided I wanted to pretty fully equip this car, as it is such a great vehicle (and purchase decision), I wanted to have no regrets later. I am a financial advisor and the price of the seats likely can't be rationalized. I also went for the 3LT interior in Adrenaline Red. It looks great, craftsmanship is as good as anything I have seen. The interior layout, combined with this package and seats is stunning. I can post photos if anyone is interested.

All that said, I have now sat in both seats and the Comp Seats are definitely firmer and have better side bolsters (adjustable). I am 6'1", 190 pounds (lack of recent cycling due to offseason) wear a 40L suit coat and have an athletic build, but definitely not a body builder due to my cycling, as upper body size creates more drag. I had that discussion with actor/racer Patrick Dempsey at COTA- he is also an avid cyclist and quit lifting weights to trim down (much to my wife's disappointment)!

I find the adjustability of the seats to be great, such that there is great headroom for someone at least 4"+ taller, by my measurements. As with all sports cars, for most people, actually getting in and out of the car is the greater challenge if one is not so flexible.

I have not been able to drive my car enough to take advantage of its handling and fully test the seats, as the Hill Country is experiencing more cold temperatures and dampness, including sleet, now. My salesman did a good job of warning me about the lack of traction for the tires in these conditions. I will add to the Thread as I have more seat time, but in summary, the Comp Seats look great, are a pricey option, and definitely seem firmer and snugger than the standard buckets.
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I should add my observation about the Recaro seats in which I sat in a Cadillac CTS V Series at COTA. They were very similar IMHO but had an added feature of an adjustable seat cushion 'extension'. I have long legs for my height so I thought this is a nice feature if you wanted additional support to ones' quads. I have a rebuilt right patella as a result of a bad bicycle crash (into a stone mailbox at 30+ mph) so my knee used to ache after several hours driving if my lower right leg hung unsupported- kinda like the feeling of sitting on a barstool. I don't know if anyone else has knee problems but I think this seat adjustment feature could help.

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If we're talking about the same thing? I have a new Cadillac XTS with the adjustable seat extension. I am tall also with long legs and this works perfectly for me in the Caddi. However it is a waste to think its of any value in a C-7. My legs are propped up in the cabin of my C-7 and would never touch the extended seat if equipped. I am 6'3" and with the recommended seat adjusted, per the Forum, fit just fine. The most fun car I have ever owned.

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