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Looking for an expert photo editor to help with a pic taken last week...

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So, my husband and I did the Buyer's Tour last week and the ONE and only shot of us in the plant with our car, I blinked.

Other than the fact that my eyes are closed, its a great pic. Copying eyes from another pic takes way more photoshopping skills than I have though, so he suggested I ask here. I know some of you do great photoshopping phantom car parts. ;)

If anyone is willing to help, please PM me your email and I'll send a normal email with the full size photo of the closed eyes and some other pic of me I think might work for the eyes.

Thanks in advance!
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Suzy...PM me and I'll send you infor on a good friend of mine who is a professional photographer and is part of the Olympus Camera Co. as an Olympus Visionary. He's an expert in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and he's had pics published in some very well know magazines.
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