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Lovin the Manual Shifting A6 in my 14 C7

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I have 13,000 miles on my 14 C7…just started using Track mode with manual paddle shifting…and it is great. The sounds coming out this car are fantastic…downshifting is not even required because as you slow down the car automatically downshifts to match
your speed all the way down to 2nd won't automatically downshift to 1st..but I have found you don't really need too..the pull from standing in second is great
and again sounds powerful. Up shifting via the paddles is can build RPMs and shift quickly..I find that shift points around 3-4 thousand rpms is normally sufficient for street travel, but of course when you push sings and zings :cool: I love this car
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Jride, this is one vehicle that I've owned of many that I will never get tired of!! 13,000 miles you have a lot of wheel time there in Ohio.

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