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Managerman's 2015 Corvette Stingray 2LT Z51 A8 Build Thread

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I picked up this Fantastic car on 12/18/14 and I have been spending countless hours on this and other forums researching mods and add on accessories....I am going to catalog them in this build thread!

Original Pics of car Here:

Managerman's 2015 Stingray Slideshow

Managerman's 2015 Stingray Story

Here is the long list of stuff I want to add to the car (not in any particular order) I will add photos to each of the items in the list once item is complete.

1.) Jacking pucks (DONE)

Auto part Car

2.) Rear cargo hatch Trunk/Hatch Weatherstrip Seals Kit (DONE)

Automotive exterior Trunk Vehicle Bumper Vehicle door

Automotive exterior Vehicle door Trunk Vehicle Bumper

Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper Trunk Car

Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper Automotive design Car

3. Continental All season tires: (DONE)

Front - 19" Continental ExtremeContact DWS Ultra High Performance All-Season

20" Rear - Continental ExtremeContact DWS Ultra High Performance All-Season

Vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Tire

Land vehicle Alloy wheel Tire Wheel Rim

4. Glen-e detailing plan. (All ready to go!!) Thanks Glen!! I'm sure I will be calling you!!!

(This is now complete!! and I did call Glen!! Sure glad I did!)

Material property Plastic

Material property

Plastic Everyday carry

5. Afe cold air intake or replacement Airaid filter (Airaid filter installed!)
6. Diablo sport Intune tuner with custom Tune
7. Carbotech 1521 brake pads. DONE!!
8. Expel front bumper, mirrors and rear panel behind tire (DONE)
9. Side skirts (DONE!! See below!)
10. Splitter (DONE!!)
11. Z06 grille (DONE!!!)

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Auto part Grille

Automotive exterior Bumper Grille Auto part Vehicle

12. Rx catch can with clean side separator (Really leaning against this, but we will see...)
13. Corsa or borla xpipe? BORLA!
14. Fully lowered on stock bolts (DONE!!)
15. Simichrome polishing kit for tips. (Got it!!) DONE!!
16. Curb alert (DONE!!)

Technology Electronic device Auto part Vehicle

Technology Electronic device Material property Carton Plastic

17. Novistretch bra (DONE)
18. C7Corvette Stingray Coupe Waterfall Extension (Finally did get)
19. Glen e noise deadening stuff (DONE 1/11/15 - See post #10
20. Lloyd's Cargo Mat (DONE 1/11/15 - See post #10)
21. Corvette C7 Valve Stem caps (Done)

Auto part Vehicle Car Automotive wheel system Wheel

22.) Splash Guards (DONE)

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Red Alloy wheel

Architecture Tire Automotive tire Fender Synthetic rubber

Tire Synthetic rubber Automotive tire Black Wheel

23.) Weathertech Mats for Winter (Got as Christmas Present!)

Floor Mat Flooring Vehicle Car

Vehicle Car Floor Mat Flooring

24.) Swap out cargo lights with LED's (DONE) (License plate lights in Post #10

Vehicle door Light Automotive exterior Carbon Hood

Light Automotive exterior Vehicle door Automotive lighting Auto part

Handwriting Text Writing Font Line

Automotive lighting Light Hand Finger Headlamp

Stay Tuned!!

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"managerman," I am impressed. Very nice collection of things you have done, are about to do. I know it is not "sexy," but I encourage you to do your Curb Alert install REAL soon, for one lapse can be very expensive.

Keep up the good progress, and the great pictures too! Thanks for creating your build thread. We look forward to you baby's continued progression.
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That's pretty cool, good info. :cool:
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Thanks John and Glen!!!

Already more to add! Not specifically mods or acc for the car, but....

25.) Live Webcam to always keep an eye on her... :) (DONE)

White Headlamp Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Product Webcam Baby Products Baby safety Cameras & optics

26.) Garage Heater! (DONE)

Does a good job of raising the temp enough to take the chill off!

Space heater Technology Electronic device Electronic instrument Gas

27.) California Duster!! (DONE)

Material property Games

Stay Tuned!!

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Great car! Good list of mods too! I would personally recommend the Corsa x-pipe and the UPR catch can. I've had excellent experience with both and you can't find a cleaner catch can fit and finish for under the hood.
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Congrats Managerman on your new car you obviously are enjoying!

You have Corvette fever!!!

Today I was able to do three modifications!!

19&20.) Install Sound Deadening FatMat (Glen-E method). This mod went exactly as planned! Thanks Glen! I ordered the FatMat material direct from Amazon.

25 Sq yd FatMat from Amazon

Used almost 4 of the 5 sheets. I did not remove the rear cargo base carpet...I did not want to mess with removing the wheel well covers and the subwoofer. I just installed underneath my new Lloyds Cargo mat!!

The FatMat kit comes with basic instructions, a small utility knife to cut the material, and a roller (did not need the roller)

Handwriting Font Art Calligraphy

First step was to remove the carpet behind the seats. This is very easy as the carpet is not stuck down, just tucked in to plastic molding.

Material property Vehicle Auto part Car
Automotive design Vehicle Car Auto part

The next step was to use rubbing alcohol to wipe down the metal so the FatMat has no adhesion problems. (50/50 Alcohol, water mixture)

Hand Arm Finger Auto part Washing
Floor Water Plastic bottle Liquid Flooring

Next step was to grab my wife's hair dryer. It was 25 degrees outside and 45 in my garage, but still too cold, so I used the hair dryer to heat up the body metal and the FatMat pieces before I stuck them down.

Next step was to measure, cut and stick down. Took about an hour to do this...(I went pretty slow and methodical.) Once the area behind the seats was complete, I replaced the carpet (Which was a PITA!!, I think because of the cold, the carpet was less flexible) I was able to wrangle it back into position though!

Hair dryer Home appliance
Architecture Automotive design Glass Windshield Photography

Next step was to do the rear cargo area...very simple, I cut the FatMat to match the outline of the cargo mat and then just laid it on the base cargo area carpet. I cut out small holes for the metal cargo net rings to pop through.

Vehicle Car Trunk Floor Automotive design
Wood Design Textile Table Cloud

Last step was to install my new Lloyds cargo mat on top of the FatMat. DONE!!!

Trunk Floor Vehicle Car Auto part

28.) Install Z51 decals. I saw these decals from Sean at VetteFX ([email protected] $15) and I thought they really looked like they could have come from the factory! Took about 10 minutes to apply. Used hairdryer to heat up decals and area where decals were applied.

Automotive design Hood Automotive exterior Vehicle door Vehicle
Automotive exterior Automotive design Vehicle Bumper Car
Vehicle door Carbon Automotive exterior Automotive design Vehicle

White Vehicle Alloy wheel Automotive design Car
Vehicle Automotive exterior Wheel Car Vehicle door

Last simple one for today was finishing the LED bulb replacment. Did the cargo lights last week and did the License plate lights today..Very simple. The users manual shows how to replace the light.

Light Automotive lighting Material property Technology Auto part
Light Gadget Technology Electronic device Auto part
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Nicely done, pls report on the fatmat after driving with it. Huge diff in my car.
Nicely done, pls report on the fatmat after driving with it. Huge diff in my car.
Thanks! I will report soon as the snow stops falling...:mad:
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I had a busy weekend modding!! This is so much fun!!

What I did:

1.) Painted my new Z06 Stage 1 Splitter Carbon Flash!

Still WIP....

After seeing the Z06 Stage 1 splitter, I decided that it was the best looking splitter for my Arctic White C7. My car has all the carbon flash badges and carbon flash mirror and spoiler so I thought that the stock grey/black plastic would look a little out of place on the car, so I began reading the forums and learning how to paint it carbon flash. Thanks again to Glen_E!! his basic painting tutorial gave me a great foundation to start from.

My biggest concern was how to paint the plastic and make sure the paint did not start coming off after a couple months. I photo documented the process so anyone else thinking of trying this can learn from my successes and failures.

After educating myself as much as possible, it was time to order paint supplies from They have all the painting supplies you will need.

1.) 1 Can of Carbon flash paint (501Q)
2.) 1 Can of high build grey primer
3.) 1 can of Adhesion promoter (since I was painting plastic)
4.) 1 can of High gloss clear coat
5.) Various sandpaper for wetsanding (400, 600, 1000, 1500, 3000)

Ordered from Amazon

1.) Meguiar's M105 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound
2.) Meguiar's M205 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish

Other Misc stuff

1.) Rubbing alcohol
2.) Soapy water with Dawn

Here is the splitter before any painting began:

First step was to wet sand the splitter to scuff it up, sand down the small bumps on the surface and to take the sheen off the plastic.

Once done with the initial wet sanding, clean the splitter with soapy water and then rub down with rubbing alcohol.

Next up was to spray 2 light coats of adhesion promoter. Waiting 15 min between coats.

After an hour, the next step was 3 light coats of primer. Waiting 15 min between coats

After another hour, 3 light coats of Carbon flash (501Q) paint, waiting 15 min between coats

After a 2 hour wait, I sprayed 2 light and 3 wet coats of clear coat. Waiting 15 min between coats.

This is where I stand today. I am letting the clear coat dry for 48 hours and then I will begin wet sanding with 1500. then 3000 sandpaper, removing all the shine. I will then use the Meguiar's 105 300-500 strokes to bring the gloss back and then use the Meguir's 205 to polish to a nice gloss. I will then seal with Blackfire Crystal seal.

A quick note. I only will be finishing the parts of the splitter that will be visible.

I will update this thread with my progress over the next week..hopefully culminating with the install this weekend.

2.) Painted and installed NPP exhaust filler panel - got a great deal for the brushed aluminum version and painted it Carbon Flash!

I used a similar procedure as above, except I used an self-etching primer, since I was painting aluminum. I also wanted a semi-gloss not High gloss finish, so I did not highly polish the clear coat.

Here are some images of the process:

Tire Material property Drink Rim
Wood Metal
Font Gun Metal
Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Bumper Car
Auto part Automotive exhaust Vehicle Exhaust system Bumper

3.) Install Z06 Grille (Wow...what an adventure!)

Thank goodness so many other people have installed this sure helped...I found that loosening the bolt near the headlights was the key to getting the bumper cover off for sure. but I used this to easily reach those bolts. much easier than a double extended ratchet.

Auto part Vehicle Car Automotive exterior

Auto part

The install worked out great...I took my time. took about 3 hours total...I really like the look...

Vehicle Automotive exterior Car Bumper Automotive design
Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Car Automotive design
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Automotive design

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Nicely done, pls report on the fatmat after driving with it. Huge diff in my car.

Fatmat install made a real difference...much quieter on the road, especially at highway speeds. Also a very noticeable improvement in the stereo sound. Bass is more "refined" and even...All in all A great mod!


Fatmat install made a real difference...much quieter on the road, especially at highway speeds. Also a very noticeable improvement in the stereo sound. Bass is more "refined" and even...All in all A great mod!

yup..still amazes me every time I's like you got a new subwoofer system....
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I'm wondering how much noise reduction was due to the AS tires vs Fat Mat? Did you drive the AS tires prior to FM install?
I have my run flats on for all my trips and it's definitely quieter.....something elegant pointed out to me , was that the rear tires are literally a few feet from your head , and with no insulation on the bulkhead , it comes right through no matter what kind of tire it is
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I have my run flats on for all my trips and it's definitely quieter.....something elegant pointed out to me , was that the rear tires are literally a few feet from your head , and with no insulation on the bulkhead , it comes right through no matter what kind of tire it is
So you're saying RF's are quieter?
One more thing, I have some of this 3M sound deadening material Auto Body Toolmart - 3M Sound Deadening Pads - 08840
Do you think it's as effective as Fat Mat? I'd like to put it behind the seats.
Here is an update on this past weekends' mods..

Finished up the Painting and installation of the Stage 1 Z06 splitter. I think it turned out pretty good for my first real car painting project.

Here is the 3000 Grit sandpaper I used for the wet sand. I wet sanded until the gloss from the clear coat was gone.

Then I started polishing with the Meguiar's 105 cutting polish!

To finish up I then I polished with Meguiar's 205 polish and then a Blackfire Polish and seal, and finally Blackfire Crystal Seal.

Almost ready to be installed!!

Color match almost perfect with all other Carbon Flash trim on the car! Yay!!

And here is the final result:

I don't have my jack yet so I used this contraption to drill the holes for the scrivets. Worked great. Easily got under the car.

Simple install.

Turned out pretty good! The combo of Z06 grille and stage 1 splitter really makes the front end look great :woohoo:

I started working on the Curb Alert install...I did not like the install method described by the video I saw on their website. So I decided to make a little bit cleaner install. I am not done yet. Still trying to work out the best location for the sensor in the Z06 grille. I may have to fabricate a custom bracket....

Here is where I stand today with the install:

I decided to mount the control unit near the firewall. It is out of the way of any vital engine part. This mounting location also makes it close to the 12V contact point and the area where the speaker wiring enters the near the passenger side door. I temporarily taped the control box while I determined how long the 12V and negative wires would need to be.

Green Vehicle Auto part Car
Vehicle Auto part Car Technology Trunk

The next thing I did was add a ring terminal to the end of the included inline fuse (which is not talked about at all in any instructions written or video) and installed the nut provided to attach to the 12v terminal. Quick tip: Add a little piece of tape inside the socket to keep the nut from falling out of the socket...It will save you major headaches trying to find the nut when it flies away in your engine bay....:mad:

Automotive lighting Headlamp
Magenta Wire Strap Leash
Auto part Vehicle Car Engine Technology

I then measured the red wire coming from the control box and figured out the best hidden path and cut the wire. I then crimped it to the inline fuse holder.

Vehicle Auto part Car Automotive design Technology

I then figured out the path for the black negative wire and attached it to the neg terminal near the alternator.

Tire Auto part Fuel line Cable Technology

Next I loosened the trim piece and the rubber gasket near the passenger door where the speaker wire will enter the cabin.

Car seat cover Automotive design Car seat Vehicle Car

Next up I will try to figure out the best place for the sensor...going to take my time and do it right. Stay tuned.


Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper

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