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Hi all, I just wanted to share a little intro from Microfiber Madness they shared with our friends over at Detailing Addict a little while back. While some of you have heard of and used the brand by now I know there are others missing out! Any questions are welcome! If you are looking for the best Microfiber products in the world then this is THE brand for you.
Shop Microfiber Madness here

Microfiber Madness was founded in 2010, but the idea for the brand was born in 2009. We have been in the car care business for more than 10 years, running one of the largest and highest rated online shops in Germany. We are completely infected with the car detailing virus and use all kinds of car care products to keep our own cars in shape.

Because we used and sold so many microfiber products in our company, we have seen nearly every kind of product – the good ones and for sure lots of bad ones. So – like many of those ideas begin – we wanted to create the PERFECT product. A product we would recommend 100% to any of our customers, unimportant if they are a PRO or enthusiast.

From the beginning, we focused only on quality and function - not on the best deal for our money. After some trials with different Chinese productions, we realized that they would never fit our quality standard completely, so we started our production in Korea. The Koreans have much higher wages, so the working standard is higher and finally the products have a better quality. For sure, you also pay a higher price but that didn’t matter at all. Beside of this, we feel responsible for the fair treatment of workers and our environment.

In 2012 we received (again) a new production sample of a microfiber wash mitt. From Korea! It was not bad at all but just the average wash mitt you can buy everywhere in every store under different names. And Microfiber Madness stands from the beginning for perfect tools, perfect quality and for sure unique products. So we tried something not many companies try in those days: To create and manufacture a wash mitt IN GERMANY! You can believe us, it was a tough challenge with a lot of disappointments… and took more than 1 year to develop.

But we believe in ideas. We believe that anybody who has a great idea and the hard will to realize this idea could make his dreams come true. Together with great partners in Germany who also believed in our idea, we found solutions. You wouldn’t imagine how many people said to us “A handmade, sewn product from Germany? Forget about it!” And look at our products today: Especially our Incredi range with the Incredimitt, Incredisponge and the upcoming Incredipad go round the world and make professionals and enthusiastic car lovers happy everywhere!

For sure, our products are not average. And they are not cheap. So everybody who is looking for the bargain… should maybe look in a different direction. But if someone is looking for the top notch products in car care, handcrafted superior quality made in Germany and Korea: Here we are!!!

And we don’t stop working on our ideas and dreams. Believe us, we have enough of them in our crazy brains! We live for our products and stand behind every single fiber we make. You will realize this when holding your Microfiber Madness package in your hands and when you start using them.

Make Your Car Care Dreams Come True
Founder of Microfiber Madness
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