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Missing and Lugging in 7th gear and console door slamming

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Build data 5/1/2014 Vin # 24161. Mileage 2936 Z51, manual
I just did a 2000 round trip drive to Canada. Overall the car worked well, but I did notice some things that bothered me. In 7th gear (touring mode) doing above 65 when I putting it under additional load, I got this feeling that the car was missing, no codes, pulled away fine, just did not seem to feel right. I did have a run for about 60 miles at between 95 MPH and 105 and except for this miss/lugging feel issue everything was great. Also I noticed that the console door is not really that counter balanced and once it gets past the opened locked position, it just slams shut. I don’t recall this happening in my C6.
Also I’m not a big fan of the econ mode, not sure it really buys much unless you are driving on the salt flats. It’s kind of annoying when it kicks in and out and I can feel and hear the difference.
Anyone else noticing these things?

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My experience after 3500 miles is that 7th gear is usually not necessary unless you will be on a long stretch of flat road @ 70 mph+.

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