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Mobile one

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So I went for my first oil change today the dealer is trying to not give me mobile one. Is there a service bulletin out requiring the change to mobile one? If so can somebody post it.

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supposedly mobil 1 is now to be used on the free oil changes that the dealer gives, but I don't think all dealers have got the message. As said above, call around. By now, calling Chev cust service may help too....
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don't forget you can get 6 qts mobil 1 from COSTCO several times a year for $25 = 24qts for $100...easy to change your own if you have access to lift or a creeper in your garage...and the warranty will still be good
amen X2...I just don't care to go thru that....granted i am retired and the money thing is never important (but it could be to others, I undestand). But I don't want anyone near my car at a dealer as I've seen rashed rims and overfills more than I can count. They dont put master techs on oil change jobs.

A floor jack and jackstands are $100 at harbor freight and doing it myself, I know it's done right...
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