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I searched but did not find what I am looking for.

My goal is to start taking my car apart on Friday and start up new motor Sunday evening. So I want to make sure I have all my parts to accomplish this. Never torn an LT motor down so Input welcome.

LME is building me a 416 short block. I am having them install cam,timing chain, & oil pump.

I am getting heads also so they will be assembles and have dual springs.

My current list is:
  • headers
  • header gaskets
  • ARP header bolts
  • head studs
  • head gaskets
  • pushrods
  • ls7 lifters and trays
  • new crank bolt
  • spark plugs
  • reuse stock plug wires
  • reuse stock rockers
  • lme vvt delete front cover
  • oil
  • oil filter
  • coolant
-160* tstat
- rtv what color?
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