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Who knows if you will even read this, but if you happen to manage to get to these words, good for you and me as well. After you are done mopping the drool from the keys, and I am certain that you would be more than obliged to remain seated for a minute or two, take a moment to reflect on the previous incarnations of the Corvette. A memorial of sorts.

Forget everything that you thought you knew about the Corvette line. The game has changed. In previous incarnations we were behind the wheel playing backgammon. The Chevy engineers apparently got an Xbox without us knowing. They are so excited to show us their new toy and whip our asses while we learn how to play. No longer is the Vette a big motor, light body, a steering wheel, and a bit of computer aid to keep the front wheels in front of you. The amount of technology that has been pumped into the Stingray will boggle your mind. Whether it is their amazing MPG rating through the use of a motor that shuts part of itself down while you aren't pushing hard, or the NASA Delvolped Aerogel insulation for the transmission tunnel, the new Stingray is a complete game changer.

Chevy intended on making this car a bruiser at a bargain basement price from the start, and boy oh boy have they done it. The Corvette has always been Rocky when he faced Ivan Drago, but now Rocky is training in Drago's gym with Drago's toys, and figured out how to make them better and cheaper.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this new car and experience how much different it is to every Corvette that I have driven in the past. I have been lucky enough to be behind the wheel of a 74 Stingray, C5 Z06's at several levels of modification, C6, C6 GrandSport, C6 Z06, and the ZR1. Lets see how I am able to play the new game that Chevy is playing.

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It amazes me how much technology they have packed into the new Vette. I had an 02 Z06 and this definitely seems like a spaceship compared to my ol' C5.
GM itself, or its C7 sub-suppliers, have filed for (and/or already obtained) 247 patents for the C7.
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