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My three minor problems all in one week

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1. Dual Automatic Climate Control System (AC, Heat, Heated Seat, Ventilated Seat).

a. Problem: AC blowing cold air, but all of the lights are out on the system and I can't turn off the AC
b. Solution: Before I take it to Marine Chevrolet I figured maybe turn the Vette off and let the computer re-set itself. It worked for a day.

a. Problem: Next day after work, the entire system will not work. Of course it is hot outside and 100 feet from turning into Marine Chevrolet the system turns on.
b. Solution: The tech contacts Chevrolet techline. Techline recommends to update modules on bus lines. U150E, U150F, V1510. Updated IPC, HMI, HVAC, and
BCM modules per techline instructions. (CASE# 71-B02489508) It works like a champ now.

2. Battery

a. Problem: After getting a cup of joe at the 24 hour store on base, attempt to start the Vette and the whole electrical system goes haywire, click click click.
b. Solution: Contact Chevrolet Road Side Service. They send out Smiths towing with a flatbed truck, they're contracted through Chevrolet. I didn't want my C7
towed, so he hooks up the jumper cables and it fires up. I drive straight to Marine Chevrolet. The C7 tech tested the battery with the GR8 and it failed. The
battery had a dead cell. New battery installed.

3. Battery Foam Cover

a. Problem: was cracked in half during repairs.
b. Solution: Marine Chevrolet ordered a new one, will pick it up Tuesday.

These are minor issues compared to some of the major issues, that some of my fellow Vette owners on the forum have experienced. Hopefully the above listed problems will be the only ones I experience. Now let me get back to driving the wheels off my masterpiece, of course in a legal way!

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Sorry to hear about the issues, glad that you had them fixed quickly. The first one doesn't sound so minor and it's appreciated the detail in what was needed to get back and working properly.
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