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Due to extra long press days, and the consequent need to get back to the office and the lab to continue the Z06's development, none of the top Z06 team was present at the Wednesday, 15th Manufacturers' Day. However, the following Z06 information was learned.

1. Front hood black-painteda stripe on Z06 show cars is optional.
2. The "Tiger Shark Gray" Z06 with Pearl Nickel wheels is no longer at NAIAS. Many believe it is on its way to this weekend's Barrett Jackson Auction (9:00 EST, Saturday probable "across the block time). Will update later this week.
3. Eight-speed auto trans Z06's tested as faster on the track than manual trans Z06's due to faster shifting speed.
4. Z06's are NOT "StingRays", i.e., for 2015's there will be two different Corvette classes.
5. Interior is still being developed; no decisions on stitching, whether "color break" means two tone seats, etc.
6. So far, while the 2015 exterior yellow paint will be slightly brighter and have less "orange tone," it will still retain its Velocity Yellow name.
7. All three levels of the Z06 can be ordered with either the GT seat or the Competition seat.
8. Front splitter "corner vertical winglets" in the "aero-package non-Z07" cars, are not as tall as shown in the Z07 VY Z06 show car, nor in all the GM Z06 media pictures. (We are still looking for a picture of this "middle level Z06" and learning more about its specs.)
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