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Name The C7 Z06's Wheels???

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The Z-51 2014 Corvette StingRay has its wheels most often called "tuning fork" wheels.

Will these lightweight, 20-spoke wheels which will go on the C7 Z06 be called "TWIN Y" wheels?

Or, what would a better name for them be ???
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Very true. That picture came from a mule being driven on the street. Can you imagine detailing all four?

Might the C7.R's wheels (not physically identical to the race car's, but visually identical) become an optional set for the Z06? Chevrolet stated that "the C7.R and Z06 were co-developed, and both share a connection unrivaled by recent Corvette race cars and road cars."

As both the latter Z06's and the ZR1's had a set of lightweight/optional wheels, might the wheels on the C7.R (visually/appearance only) become the Z06's lightweight, optional wheel?

Sure would be much easier to clean them than the "TWIN Y, twenty-spokers!"
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