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Hello, and I am sorry if this has already been answered. Could not find it...

Two things that I just don't get (so far) with the new NAV system:

The NAV system comes set to FAST. I was driving to a location that is all highway. It tried to take me off the highway many times for who knows what reason. So I ignored it. Finally it seemed to come out of its stupor and stop suggesting exits that made no sense. I am now going to try the SHORT. This did not happen with the C6.

No NAV system is perfect, most get you close. But constantly moving off of a highway when that is the way to go, makes no sense.

The other thing is this:

I cannot figure out how to get the NAV system to "save to vehicle contacts." In fact what does that mean? Does the vehicle have its own memory or does it need a phone or USB drive to save anything.

When the car says "saved," and I go to "vehicle contacts" it is empty. This appears on page 13 of the guide. "Save" says "enter a new contact" or something, which I do, but it never really is "saved."

Thanks for any help. However, this could be my error completely.

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Vehicle contacts are the saved contacts from a Bluetooth phone connection. The system uses those for many of the voice commands rather than try and use a direct query of a connected phone, it's faster and more consistent. Saving a POI to a contact will allow you to issue a voice command such as, "Go to John Smith's Home" or "Navigate to Mary Jones Work". It just becomes another POI tag.

As for routing, that sounds like a Harman interface but I have not been able to confirm or deny that is what GM uses. I've had them do stupid things like that but it's based on algorithms and in many cases the surface streets with higher speed limits are more direct and when it calculates time over distance the "shortcut" is also faster. More sophisticated systems let you set a priority for the type of road though most have dumbed that down to only being able to exclude types of roads like toll or freeway.

I wish GM would drop its arrogance with in house development and do like Chrysler and others and license the Garmin interface.

FYI, the OS in the MyLink system is QNX which is a division of RIM, aka Blackberry which explains much of its peculiarities, IMHO.

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