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NCM delivery

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has anyone got a call from the NCM to set up your appointment to get your 2015 ?
if so what are your dates
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That's what I heard also
I just wondered if they had scheduled any from the 2nd on
just talked to Shane he said no NCM deliveries until 9/2 none have been set up as of now they are waiting for cars to be released and they have got no info on that yet but he said i should be hearing from them soon said i should expect early to mid sept delivery
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John I want it today but if I get it the 1st week of deliveries GREAT
2nd week Great
3rd week great
So it should be close now any calls from NCM for your delivery ?
And I'm sure they've done this before
Not there first BBQ
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Is today the day?
Sept 2nd is less than 2 weeks away

NCM is supposed to give us about a 2 week warning
Ok we have to start getting calls today.
I state with my fingers crossed.
Just got the call from Shane at the Corvette Museum I will be picking up my car on September 8 at 10:45
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Wow, I think I will cross my fingers & toes(are toes OK?)
You sure Know how to Call 'em! :)

Congrats!! btw What is your build # and is it an M7 or A8?
M7 August 15
Toes are fine
Thanks Much!
You missed my edit question:
"Also what was the earliest date you could have taken? (That they offered?)"
The 5th
That's Great, I'm 1351 & thought it would be weeks until I got the call, (I can leave in an hour)! :) (However, I'm still 3800 & A8)

Final question Please, what is your current Status Code?
idk i quit checking once i saw it was built in fact it went from qued to shipped on the build day
i say it again i owe a big thanks to John (THE CORVETTE CZAR) Elegant who pointed me in the right direction and without a doubt helped me to get this car at this early of a date and always gave me great info
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What VIN #?. Auto or manual?
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