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Need some help from owners with 2LT Bose subwoofer...

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Hi All,

Had my C7 2LT for about a week now and need some help from other owners with 2LT... I've heard of people with the subwoofer comment that the bass is too boomy and that adjustments had to be made to make it sound better. I'm having the exact opposite issue. I found the bass in my car to be pretty wimpy. It definitely doesn't sound like its got a subwoofer in the hatch.

To test it, I adjusted the sound and increased the bass, moved the fade to the rear of the vehicle and put on some songs with deep bass. I went to the back of the vehicle, popped the hatch and put my hands in front of the subwoofer grill (I'm guessing the single speaker grill in the rear of the vehicle is the subwoofer?) and don't feel any sort of air being pushed through. When my hand touches the interior trim, I feel it vibrate, but I think its from the bass generated by other speakers.

Can someone please let me know if you can clearly feel air being pushed through the rear grill when bass hits in a song?

I'm beginning to suspect that the subwoofer is either missing, or that it is not connected properly.

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I also moved fader all the way to rear and no noticeable bass at all. All bass seems to be coming from front doors only
I may be wrong, but subwoofers are independent and not directional and would not be effected by right/left or front/rear adjustments.
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