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Need some opinions....

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I'm ready to make my next change on my car and I;m having a hard time making the call on what colors to pick.

This is the Car . Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Motor vehicle

This is the dress kit I want to match but my car has no chrome and not sure if Red is the best call. I do want to match the Carbon Fiber Roof and Splitter and Skirts on the Plenum.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part

or should I do less Red and maybe do some Carbon Flash or Shark Gray?

Also I dont like the Chrome Cap sets I have found... need help with other ideas,

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you can really go overboard under the hood with too many things, IMO...I like the engine to jump out, so I kept it to just a few things - My car being cyber/red, I faced the same thing:

later I painted the fuse cover in cyber gray.

so for your car I would do:
shark gray fuel rails with red corvette lettering
Plenum in black carbon fiber or gloss black
Fuse in shark gray
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