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New deliveries: Hows the audio?

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I'm still surprised no one has done a "semi-in depth" review after taking delivery - all I've seen is "rides good" "fantastic" etc....generic let me ask : and if you are a geek audiophile,please don't bother - but if you're a normal listener - how's the tunes? Specifically the upgraded >2LT audio? Early on was talk the subs did not work well, etc...What say you now that you've played with the audio?
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First off without actually being able to listen to the CenterPoint system I can't say for sure, but I know Bose equipment better than the typical Forum reader (I have been to the Mountain) and I have to guess that based on their ability to make much better than passible sound from very small speakers that the system will be more than satisfactory for all but true audiophiles. My brother-in-law has Bose in his Caddy and the sound is quite good for factory. Not competition quality, but good. No doubt there will be aftermarket solutions to make it better. But, to say "it is not going to be good," is a bit of a stretch.
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