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New deliveries: Hows the audio?

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I'm still surprised no one has done a "semi-in depth" review after taking delivery - all I've seen is "rides good" "fantastic" etc....generic let me ask : and if you are a geek audiophile,please don't bother - but if you're a normal listener - how's the tunes? Specifically the upgraded >2LT audio? Early on was talk the subs did not work well, etc...What say you now that you've played with the audio?
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Chip - thanks - I read that one too a while ago and was the point I made about hearing from some deliveries and real life opinions..which in many, many cases I find to be be very different from reviewers that can carry agendas and see 100's of let's have some comments from the new owner's...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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