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New member from WA

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Hello all! Just dropping in to say hi. Live in Spokane currently but will be moving to the Detroit area to work with GM as a Software engineer.
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Hi neighbor & gwm! I'm Peter from Cd'A, Idaho. I was JUST able this last Monday to place my order. There has been a hold on the comp. sport seats. I have allocation #1 outta Camp in Spokane:)
Coupe Z51, Cyber Grey, 3LT, Comp seats, mag ride, dual mode, carbon... Doing this car RIGHT!

Hope to meet you both! gwm, you will have your Vette long before me. Please call when your getting it. I'm looking at December... Canceled my R8C museum delivery. I not on this site very often, usually on Corvett7 and Corvetteblogger.
My email is [email protected]. cell 208-664-0101

Cheers to you both!

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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